Case of Nile fever in Italy

A new case of Nile fever occurred recently in Sardinia Gallura and precisely. This brings to eight cases reported in Italy. But what is the Nile fever? It is a disease caused by a virus
similar to Japanese encephalitis virus, St. Louis and Murray Valley. The disease is widespread in Africa, with outbreaks in Egypt and is present above all in the Middle East and in the Southern Europe. In recent years it has been highlighted in the United States. The man accidentally infected, while some species of birds and horses are the animal reservoir and definitive hosts, respectively. It is transmitted by vectors consisting of Culex mosquitoes in Italy. Starts in most cases without symptoms. In a few cases, abrupt onset, after incubation of a few days, with symptoms consisting of fever type of fever in children, but most important trends and associated with myalgia and headache in adults. It also present in adult skin rash that resolves within 4-5. In rare cases there may be neurological symptoms consisting of encephalitis and meningitis. Since the symptoms common to other diseases, the diagnosis is often difficult.

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